Cumberland Clerk-Treasurer

The Clerk-Treasurer is an elected official who serves as the fiscal officer and clerk for the Town.  Some of the responsibilities for this official include: 

  • Receiving and caring for town money and paying out claims only on order of the legislative body;
  • Keeping an accounting of when and from where the clerk-treasurer has received town money and when and to where the clerk-treasurer has paid town money;
  • Prescribing payroll and account forms for all town offices;
  • Managing the finances and accounts of the town and making investments of town money;
  • Preparing for the legislative body the budget estimates of miscellaneous revenue, financial statements, and the proposed tax rate;
  • Issuing all licenses authorized by statute and collecting the fees fixed by ordinance;
  • Serving as clerk of the legislative body by attending its meetings and recording its proceedings;
  • Serving as an ex-officio member of the town council solely for the purpose of casting the deciding vote to break a tie; and
  • Receiving public records requests.
A more extensive list of the duties and responsibilities of the Clerk-Treasurer may be found here.


Meet Clerk-Treasurer Erica Salmon
Erica Salmon has served as the Clerk-Treasurer of Cumberland since 2014.  She enjoys photography and lives with her family in the Glen Oaks neighborhood.  

Contact Information
(317) 894-6201