Storm Water Rate Increase

Storm Water Rate Increase

In 2022 it was estimated it would cost a mind-boggling $1.2 trillion to address all deferred maintenance on infrastructure within the United States. At times, we have all been faced with decisions about doing needed maintenance or putting it off and then later paying much more for it. Cumberland is no different and has identified a significant number of stormwater infrastructure projects that have been deferred over the years due to the high costs of the projects. 

We’re all struggling with the impacts of increased inflation. The Cumberland Stormwater Board had 
many difficult conversations about these issues and after the latest rate study came in, we knew we had a responsibility to take action. After holding a public hearing on August 16th they recommended an increase to the current rate. This new rate will be an increase of $10.75 from the current rate. The increased rate will allow the board to complete the following capital projects that are unable to be funded with the current stormwater rate:

  •  Arthur Street New Drainage
  • Cumberland Proper North New Drainage
  • Cumberland Proper South Phase II-B
  • New York Street New Drainage
  • Oak Boulevard South Drive New Drainage
  • Yorkshire Boulevard West New Drainage
  • Autumn Woods East Drain
  • N. Buck Creek Road Drainage improvement 

The Stormwater Board is entrusted to ensure that we don't burden future Cumberland residents and 
stormwater ratepayers unduly. This new rate allows us to address deferred issues as well as continue operations and emergency repairs. This decision was difficult to make but necessary to ensure Cumberland residents have the basic infrastructure they expect and need. You will notice the new rate of $20 a month on the bill you receive in December. If you have any further questions on stormwater utility, please refer to the Stormwater FAQ

For more information on the Stormwater Master Plan, view more here