HCI Update

HCI Update

Hometown Collaborative Initiative update:

Cumberland’s HCI Team has been moving right along in the HCI process.  As we announced earlier, we have chosen the building block of placemaking to focus on.  This was due in large part to the feedback we received through the community survey and forum we did last year. 

A few months ago we decided on a Pathway Project to pursue.  We have chosen to do an interactive mural along the Buck Creek Trail where it passes under US 40.  This is an area which is often tagged with graffiti and is rather unwelcoming due to how secluded it feels. We believe we can address these issues through a mural with interactive lights. It is our plan that this will be the first project for what will eventually become a Cumberland Arts Council.

At our meeting in June we split the HCI Team into different subcommittees to focus on finding an artist, outreach to other groups, fundraising and future projects. We met again in August to review proposals from artists.  Several of the HCI members then set up meetings with two artists to review particulars of their proposals. A final artist will be chosen at our meeting on September 10th.

We are also in the process of working out how to navigate the technical aspects of creating interactive lights and INDOT requirements.  We have the assistance of Cumberland citizen Kim Brand to assist with the light design and INDOT’s commitment to assisting us through their process.  We have also enlisted the services of an engineering firm which will assist with coordinating the process and permits.   

We expect to have a final plan soon so we can start fundraising efforts.  If you would like to be part of Cumberland’s HCI Team it’s not too late to join.  Please contact Renee Garard at rgerard@town-cumberland.com.