Water Conservation

Saving water is extremely important for the protection of our water resources and is everyone's responsibility.  Water supports all forms of life and affects our health, lifestyle, and economic well-being.  There are actions you can take as a resident or business in the Town of Cumberland.  Planting a rain garden or installing a rain barrel and fixing household leaks are but a few water-conserving projects. For more information on water conservation click on the links below

Top 10 Ways You Can Protect Ground Water

1.   Dispose of chemicals properly. Do not pour chemicals down drains!
2.   Take used motor oil to a recycling center.
3.    Limit the amount of fertilizer and pesticides used on gardens and lawns.
4.    Properly abandon unused wells or cisterns.
5.    Dispose of household hazardous waste properly.
6.    Remove abandoned fuel oil and gasoline tanks properly.
7.    Keep septic systems well maintained.
8.    Report illegal dumping.
9.     Minimize the use of de-icers.
10. Get involved in water educational programs.