Manuals & Permits

Manuals & Permits


Construction projects that will disturb one or more acres of land through removing vegetative cover, clearing, grading, excavating, or stockpiling of fill material are required to obtain approval from the Town of Cumberland prior to starting construction.

 The Town of Cumberland has implemented ordinances for floodways, construction projects, water quality, and other building requirements.  Refer to the Town Code for the required information to be submitted for approval. Additional information is found in Cumberland’s technical standards:

 Sanitary Sewer Design & Construction Standards

Water System Construction Standards

Storm Water Technical Standards Manual

Educational Information:

“Does your Construction Site Need a Storm Water Permit?”

“Storm Water Control: Implementing Construction Site Best Management Practices (BMPs)”

“Storm Water Drainage Policy”

Educational Videos:

“Proper Concrete Washout Procedures for Contractors” [ME6] to learn more about how contractors should manage their concrete washout waste.