Additional Storm Water Information

Additional Storm Water Information

 The Town of Cumberland has participated in the development of educational videos focusing on water quality issues.

 “Blue is the New Green”  – learn more about storm water pollution prevention.

 “Storm Water Pond Maintenance for Homeowners” – learn more about maintaining a residential storm water management pond.  Additionally, refer to the “Pond Management and Maintenance”  brochure for more information.

 “MS4 for Elected Officials: Why is Storm Water Quality Important for Your Community?”  – learn more about the main requirements that regulated MS4 entities must implement to remain in compliance with their permits.

 “Storm Water Quality: Inspection” – learn more about an Inspector’s overall responsibilities when they inspect an active construction site for compliance with its storm water quality runoff permit and/or applicable regulatory requirements.

 “Proper Concrete Washout Procedures for Contractors”  – learn more about how contractors should manage their concrete washout waste.

 “Proper Refueling: Keeping our Waterways Clean” – learn the proper techniques for refueling vehicles and containers so as not to impact storm water.

Storm Water Activities for Kids:

 Coloring Book – “Catch a Ride on the Water Cycle” (English) or “Forma Parte Del Ciclo De Aqua” (Spanish)

 Coloring Book – “Stormwater Sleuth and Running Rain”

 Activity Book – “A Fish’s Wish”