Water Utility Board

Water Utility Board

The Cumberland Water Utility provides service to residents of the Town of Cumberland.  Source of that water is Citizens Water in Indianapolis.  Gem Water Utility residents receive water from the Utility located in rural Hancock County.  A map of the Gem Utility territory can be found below under "Related Pages".  You can also find information on connection fees and permits under “Related Pages”.

The Cumberland Water Utility Board is comprised of five members, which are the five serving members of the Town of Cumberland Town Council.  The Board meetings are conducted on the first Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m. in the Cumberland Town Hall and they are open to the public.  The Board is responsible for the financial oversight of the utility, and reviews all requests for subdivision and commercial connections as well as operations and maintenance-related projects.

Ben Lipps serves as the Town of Cumberland's Director of Public Works.  In this role, he oversees the sanitary sewer, water, and storm water utilities, as well as the streets and parks departments.  If you have questions on connecting into the Cumberland Sanitary Utility or the Gem Sanitary Utility, please contact Ben Lipps, Director of Public Works at (317) 894-6213.

Monthly billing questions should be directed to the Billing Office at (317) 894-3580 for Town of Cumberland customers and (317) 894-6200 for Gem Water Utility customers.

Member Term Expires
Aaron Cutshaw 12/31/2019
Joe Siefker 12/31/2019
Nicole Bell 12/31/2019
Anna Pea 12/31/2019
Brian Gritter 12/31/2019